Brexit - My Thoughts

Brexit – My Thoughts

You’re on a plane and the pilot and co-pilot suddenly dies. Two passengers stand up and say that they would like to have a go at landing the plane.

The first of these passengers is an expert fighter pilot and he says that he can probably land the plane safely. He isn’t a very confident man. He tells us that he hasn’t actually landed a plane this large before.

The second passenger says that he has a lot of experience flying planes on simulation games, but has never actually flown a real plane in his life. He seems really confident that he can land it though – a few of his friends stand up and plead with everyone to give him a chance.

The rest of the passengers have a vote:

48% go for the fighter pilot.

52% of the passengers think that the second passenger should fly the plane.

After the second passenger gets behind the controls we find out that he has only ever played the simulation once, and that was on a very old Spectrum computer over 30 years ago. The passenger also states that he is almost blind without his glasses and he left his glasses at home.

New information has become available which makes us think that this could all go wrong.

At this stage the fighter pilot says that in light of the new information he should try to land the plane, but the rest of the passengers protest and state that the vote has already been decided and the vote must be respected. They’re upset that anyone should question their opinion.

The plane crashes, killing everyone.

Saying that Brexit will make us poorer:

97% of academics
ALL of big business (CBI)
Every former Prime Minister alive
The World Bank
Every major bank
HM Treasury

Isn’t it time that we listened to the experts and had another vote, at least on the final terms of the deal so that the people can have a say?

What is happening right now to Britain is heartbreaking. Yes, the EU has its flaws, but, the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Tragically, far too many people have been influenced to look inward, rather than look outward. That breaks my heart. Surely, we are better than that.

Brexit will help the UK to “take back control” which we never lost, “stop those immigrants” whom we need, “trade freely with the world” which we already do and “scrap EU red tape” which we’ll need to keep trading with them.

The majority doesn’t always make the correct decision and the referendum was just an opinion poll. It is the responsibility of our MPs who we have voted in to make decisions on our behalf (and generally are more qualified to make such decisions) to decide what is best for our country.

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