Opening of Gateway 97.8 FM Basildon

I was one of the main architects in the set up of Basildon’s local community radio station, Gateway 97.8. I was the head of engineering for several years as the station transformed from an RSL (28 day a year) broadcaster, to a full 24/7 community radio station.

I loved to occasionally present a show, especially when a presenter couldn’t make it in, but I was more of a background guy, operating the studio desks, providing technical operator services, setting up and maintaining outside broadcast links, maintaining the website and editing items for air, such as advertisements, promos and interviews. I would also occasionally train a new presenter for the studio desks.

Yellow Advertiser article: 30th September 2010: Gateway 97.8 goes live

During this time I also appeared in several YouTube videos from Old Man Stan. Old Man Stan was a puppet who lived in a tower block in Basildon. In the Christmas video “Bazzo Christmas 2009 Part 2” I played a bouncer throwing Old Man Stan out of the Towngate pub in Basildon. I also did some voice over work and appeared on screen as news reporter “Bob Briscoe” in “Bas Oddity – Part Two”.

Before Gateway 97.8, in 1999 I was one of the volunteers for the first Eastgate FM in Basildon. This was at that time the first new radio station that Basildon had heard on the air since Radio Basildon had closed down 14 years before. We started a trend, that eventually lead to Gateway 97.8, and I’m proud to have been part of the team for both of these stations.

Way back in the 90’s, I went to a television school called SETMW in Basildon. They had a fully operating television studio in a converted play centre. I was there when they’d just won a massive lottery grant and started installing all the equipment they could get.

I had the pleasure of learning how television was produced. Tony would rotate us around to different tasks, so we learn’t how to do everything.

I learnt how to edit video on linear and non-linear equipment (BETA-SP/Digi/AVID), edit and mix audio for television (including operating microphones), operate studio cameras, graphics with the Quantel Paintbox and Amiga Genlock, Aston character generators, autoscript operating and reading from the autocue, lighting and presenting.


Radio Technical Operator – 5/5

Radio Studio Engineering – 5/5

Audio Editing – 5/5

Video Editing – 4/5

Voiceovers – 4/5

Camera Operator (OB) – 4/5

Camera Operator (Studio) – 3/5

Radio Presenting – 2/5

Television Mixer Operator – 2/5

Television Graphics – 2/5