About Me

Hello, I’m Mark. I’m a bit of a clean freak, I hate mess. I’m also a bit of a Hypochondriac. I’m also Creative, Liberal, and a Remainer.

I have a desire for solitude, a need for intellectual stimulation, and feel incredibly satisfied when the final piece of a puzzle finally slots into place.

I have a low emotional quotient (EQ), which means I don’t respond well to emotional appeals or pep talks. I can take criticism, but it should be logically phrased. I don’t tend to mingle much, and I don’t do small talk, although I will occasionally socialise with my small group of friends.

I suffer from depression, which is something I’ve learnt to live with. There is no cure for depression, but I know how to manage it and know to watch out for certain triggers.

An incredible attention to detail, I take pride in my work.

I’d rather fix things, than buy a new one.